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sincerely J-er...,♥

Monday, December 27, 2010 ♥
Drama-S ♥ 8:43 PM

Recently found out many of my friends addicted to HK Dramas..
the wat豪wat海 one..

I dun rily like watching dramas..
although im an almost-like-otaku person~

idk why.. maybe lazy to wait for the advertisement?
(Beside advertisements?)
Same Actors n Actress... Lame la..
meee... sure got ppl bomb me later..
isit no other ppl can use?
there are a lot of other ppl in entertainment world ma..

and another reason,
almost same kind of story..
1stly, met their Prince Charming, n den argue argue... n den fall in love.
den {they live happily ever after}~
bahh.. fairy tales again...
ur mama din teach u fairy tales is fairy tales wont b real in real life ma?

but at least~
tw actress are much more prettier than hk d..

how about korean drama?
it's much more better than hk n tw drama~
at least they wont repeat same actors n actresses =X

well, u will say im 喜新厌旧。。
but when u watch few dramas continuously,
u'll getting more blur cz same actor/actress in different dramas...
that's wat i found out, especially my dad...
when watching drama halfway, he sure will pop out
“eh? this not that wat choi kau mea?"
rily so got boomed =.=


♛ Don't Leave Me Alone In This Lonely World ♛

My L ♥ V E For You
Saturday, December 25, 2010 ♥
~~mErry xMas~~ ♥ 9:39 PM

Jingle bell~ Jingle bell~
Jingle all the way~~~
it's Christmas~
ya, it's Christmas again~

this christmas i spent it with my family~
went shopping whole day~
woohoo~ n bought some cheap clothes too~~

I like Christmas very much,,
the feel, the atmosphere...
I think it's a romantic festival..
especially if you can celebrate Christmas with your loved one~

one day i gonna spend my christmas in snowing country~~
hahaha... my dream leh~
Imagine, sitting on the couch in front of the fire with your loved one..
hugging each other~
aww... so sweet~
(ehem ehem~dreaming ar u...)
ya! im dreaming, and i wan this dream to come true too~

Ending this post~ Merry Christmas^^

I got a Lollipop for christmas~~
(ignore my terrible skin..) XD
♛ Don't Leave Me Alone In This Lonely World ♛

My L ♥ V E For You
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 ♥
寻人启事 ♥ 2:09 PM


匿名:Xiao J Biggy
样子:不白, 大头鬼。。
♛ Don't Leave Me Alone In This Lonely World ♛

My L ♥ V E For You
Tuesday, December 14, 2010 ♥
tmd 失落。。tmd 非主流。。。 ♥ 1:00 AM

你 用你的 [无所谓],
把 我的 [无助],

你 用你假装的 [无所谓],
慢性式的 谋杀 我的 [无助]。。

终止 [无助]。。。
♛ Don't Leave Me Alone In This Lonely World ♛

My L ♥ V E For You

J Biggy ♥
♛bLog mIstREss♛

Xiao J Biggy
A very random & hyper girl who
thinks that liFe sHud b cRaZiee

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pInk sTufF cAn mAke hEr gOne crAziEE
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is the way she burps out her feelings
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she wAntZ to make it
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