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Monday, November 8, 2010 ♥
~Yey~ ♥ 9:10 PM

Huu~~ finally finished my 1st Final Exam in sTk.
(hell,, the worst exam place ever.. =.=)

1st day paper was Pengajian Am n MUET paper3
wat's pengajian am? i also dunno... =.=
it's something like BM
but come with graphs drawing n some percentage calculation..
n also essays, n comprehension?..

MUET 3 paper was kinda.. ok la.. not too difficult for me..
n I got band4 for d overall paper..
190marks out of total 300 marks.. =.=

den next day paper Math-T
bahh.. kill me.. =P
12 question i was able to do oli 4/5 questions..
n I was very PROUD of myself for
1st time able to solve d αβ-thingy question.. =D
but at the end, I calculate myself d estimate marks i would get..
41marks.. =.=
it's jz a roughly marks u noe...
die la dis time...

n den Chemistry..
owh hell, I wanna know Y those chemist so free to find those elements
n created so many unknown-equation-s...
torturing us... =.=
duwan talk about dis paper la..

den MUET 4, it's writing paper..
hmm.. not bad difficult.. =X
d essay question was:
National Service trainees should be trained to use firearms in National Service Training Programme..
Agree or Not..
it's real STPM essay question in year 2008..

den Biology paper,
teacher gave tips~ =D
so, if still fail it. i gonna knock my head on the wall! =X
I like compete wif Kasturi, the girl sat bside me during exam..
she finished her bio paper in 1hour+..

d last paper:: MUET 1
Which was the listening test..
huh.. nothing much to do for preparation
except clean my ears before the test =D

My friend said:
exam's over~ time for fun?? =)

P.S:: it's a long-boring-post isn't it? lost the feel of blogging...
h*** shXt.. =.=
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