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sincerely J-er...,♥

Friday, November 12, 2010 ♥
The Last Day In 6B4 ♥ 10:45 PM

Hoo.. Time flies...
fly too fast...
today is my last day in 6B4..
gonna miss my bitchies =P
u guys are awesome!!
my form6 life wouldn't be that nice without u guys..

when I first step into this class..
I was like.. owh.. who they are?
scare that i cant communicate wif them...
wootz.. but u guys are jz so awesome.. =)

A bio class,,
with 29students and left 28 in month of september..
gonna miss
the joyness n sadness that we shared together...
( Isit any sadness?? i dun think so.. =D)
n food smell,
stinky toilet smell that we shared together too...
(uff.. nitemare.. X.X)
and argued with those small kids..
haha~ feels like it's jz happened yesterday...

many new friends i knew in this class...
then Yong Han, Min Yee, Shinh Nian...etc la.. so many people...
so many things to say...
though everyday oso talk to u guys.. =D
imma talkative person.. =P

Shi Qing,,
thx for willing to teach me n help me in my academic..
(although at the end oso not good la.. hehe~)
n thx for always help me topup!! haha~~

ha~ my 4yrs fren~~~ hope our frenship goes for
40yrs or 400 yrs or 4000yrs la~~ hehehe...
+u +u~~ ah 'San' a.k.a Mr. God not bad wan lo... http://www.emocutez.com

Mii, a.k.a Min Yee,,
thx lo mii.. n sorry a lot if I'd ever made u angry..
ur voice so loud.. haha~ sometimes i beh tahan lo...
n help me control tat stupid Harima lo...

Yong Han a.k.a Harima!!
gonna miss u la.. no people let me bully dy...
u too dun miss me lo.. i duwan sneeze all the time..
n drink more water.. water bring to sko is to drink..
not to 'bai sui' wan...ok mou??

Yen Sze,,
good luck in yr Chinese paper~~
proud of u for taking chinese paper~~ =)
n thx for always let me share my problems to u..

Ling Yan,,
nai nai ar,, so cute wan lo u...
next yr speaking dun too ganjiong dy lo...
try listen more english songs.. got help d~~ =)

hope u happy with tat guy la~~

Shinh Nian,,
wui,, dude..
gonna miss u too la~
oweys crazy with me.. kakaz~
but hv to start to be serious lo...
if not later she duwan u ar...
stpm will see u in 1 yr time lo...
better catch up lo... =)

Goh SiLai,,
take good care of Silai Club~~
I'll come back see see wan lo... =P

Jia En,,
if u miss me hor...
go find a rat/mouse/mice/mickey mouse oso can...
dun bully people dy la professor..
n dun so fast get mad when other ppl qikek u lo..
no good wan lo... =)

n finally
to 6B4,,
Im going to miss u damn much.. ♥

people said:
Setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan..
but somehow we'll meet again someday...♥

with love,
J a.k.a Siau Jia
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