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sincerely J-er...,♥

Monday, June 21, 2010 ♥
!st Day of sKol.... ♥ 3:42 PM

huhuh... after resting for 3months + 3months in NS
I'm finally back to school life..

my New Story..
[ Form 6 Life in Highsko Klang ]

Day : 21.June.2010
Time: 6.30am
Venue: HighSchoolKlang (use 'stk' in blog...)

Unusually, after 1 week holiday... finally nid to wake up super early in the morning agn...
(hmm... Still in holiday mood la @.@)
daddy sent me to sko today.. after send my bro to kh...
stil early when we arrived stk..no car at all..
d sko is stil dark, n...bside d sko is a cemetery... *uh-hum* duwan say liao...
so, dad wait thr with me.. until xiao hong reached too..
Good~ got ppl teman me dy..
den we go into d sko...1st, go to d school office.
hmm..d teacher told us to go w8 for assembly 1st, only go n find d teacher-in-charge after tat..
no ppl thr yet oso.. so we decided to walk arnd..see whr's d toilet (xiaoHong say find toilet 1st..=.=)
n den we met some other girls oso jz came back frm NS like us..
n den found OngWhale n others too... finally got ppl tat we knew..

I wanna tell someting about their assembly..
the uhm..wat they call.. someting like 'host' la..
he wans to act strict. but i jz wanna laugh my butts off when he starts to speak...
the way he speaks shows tat he's nervous.. 'para penjara..' as it shud b 'para pelajar...'
tat's a 2 difrent ting dy =D
n d principal..dunno wats her name,yet.. She gv her speeches for about 15mins!
she speaks so slow.. n soft... n.. n.... HYPNOTISING ... @.@
no wonder got student fishing during d assembly..
she try to speech funnily..but i cant catch her funny at all..
miss KJ... huhuh...
luckily we sit on d ground.. if not, I tink sure will hv some1 fell down cz of fall asleep. XD

n den, class... thr are 4 classes for sc-student...
2 phy-s, 2 bio-s...
n i chose to go in bio...
n agn...left me n Celine n another gal call sze yin...+another 3 gal..
ok, now we hv 2 gangs here..
d teacher-in-charge said:
'we hv to balance d race ratio.. so, i cant put all of u into B3...u hv to discuss n gimme ans..'
orite.. so we made it undian..
Celine take it.. n O.M.Gosh.....we got 6B4!!!
( no choice lo.. mia zhui lo... fate liao lo... T^T )
sui bian la.. aiya..
mountain duwan turn, road turn lo..
road oso duwan turn.. I turn lo...

go into d class...hmm.. actually it's not as bad as I tink la..
but It's rily worse than KH...
i mean d study environment...
my class hv only 34student.. 7guys,other girls..
chinese majority...
bsides me, Celine n SzeYin.. stil hv another 2 boys..oso jz back frm ns..

jz d vr 1st day of mine,,.already hv many notes...
Chemy notez, Math-T notez, PA notez...Bio Notez...
( hmm... head big big liao la....@.@ )
they dun use textbooks.. but some reference books... heavy bookz...
n some of d teacher (so far got Chemy tc, M.T tc, PA t.c, BI tc..)
jz copy d notez on d white board n u copy it..
or read d notez frm d book n u copy it..
huhu.. like dis oso can ar..
den i beter go buy 1 casette enuf.. no choice lo.. who ask me chosen in B4...
overall... stil not bad la..

n I noe some new frens here... Kor Ri, Shinh Nian, PA system, WeeTat, Tamil...
n other all frm S2 last time =) good 1..
jz those indian gals i hvn go communicate with them jeh..
they looks like.... hard to communicate... =X
wateva la..

i wOnder how d skO looks like.. I mean.. d style la..
isit like KH? or wat..?
cz wat I heard, stk is much more strict in dicipline than KH...
huhu~ Im a anti-Pengawas...anti-sko-rule... anti-strictness...
dunno how my life will go on in dis sko..


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