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sincerely J-er...,♥

Friday, March 12, 2010 ♥
Resultzzzzzzz *.* ♥ 1:02 PM

I got my result ytd..
n guess wat?
I got 7As which was out of expected, baby!
thankz Guan Yin Ma~ XD
xie xie ni~
terima kasih~
gam xia gam xia~
toh jeh sai~~~
arigato kozaimasu~~
(dunno whch language she/he noez..)
(n i jz noe dis few languages nia =X)

I targeted that I wil jz get 5As
n stil worrying i wil hv no A-s nite b4 d resultz come out..

uhm uhm uhm..shud I post it?
post la post la.. not so sia suui oso..XD

here's my resultz>>>>
BM - A
BI - A
BC - A-
MATHS - A+ (d oli A+...T.T)
ADMATHS - A- (YESSSS!!!!! no fail no fail...XD)
HISTORY - B (O.O unbelievable...)
PHY - C (sad....)
CHEMY - C (expected la =.=)

ohh..can see hor?
my science-s not good!
n I expect my BIO n CHEMY wil die badly.
but in the end was my PHY died! n BIO survived!
how come how come???

so now...i can eliminate MEDICAL FIELD frm my list~
(no more chemy bio la..plzzzzzz...)

thx thx thx to allll d teachers that taught us..
thx thx thx to mommy n daddy cz paid tuition fee for us..
n thx thx thx to d tips frm websitez...


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