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sincerely J-er...,♥

Sunday, January 10, 2010 ♥
Pizza Nitemare...+.+ ♥ 10:59 PM

Im going to introduce u guys dis Restaurant..















clever one, reflect it. den u noe which restaurant i mean.

okay, d story begun like this:

at first, we decided to hv pizza as dinner at SACO Mall.
on the way thr, we saw another good place,
a new opened pizza H[]t n K[]C at SS7 shah alam.
well, it's quite nice the appearance..cz it's new.
so we changed our mind n headed thr...
it tooks time to find a car park thr, cz cant find d entrance into tat place =.=

d interior appearance is also kinda nice.
but u noe wat?
we're d only Chinese Family thr =.=
guess we gone to d wrong place huh..
no choice, tat's a WanTan area.

here comes d prob.
I found a nice place, whr thr's sofa to sit,
n it's not so cool than d sit my parens picked.
well, they ask me w8 for d waiter to clean d table while they w8 at d place.
i stand thr like a Noobie @@
guess wat?
d waiter turned around when he saw me waving at him #^#
(i've standing thr for around 10mins. n they din even serve d table whr my parens sit.)
nvm, i gave up n sit with my parens.
d services is so terrible tat
they din even prepare d culturies b4 customer come.
not like other pizza H[]t, whr d culturies are well prepared on d table.
n den we sat thr for another 10 mins...
finaly d Waiter is Free to Serve us..

oww..they're so nice tat,
they Served my bro Appetizer!!
a small piece of greyish meat (shud b chicken i tink..) on d spoon!!!
n it's together wif some cream...uncleaned cream.
i supposed tat spoon is used to eat spagetti by d last customer?...=X

okay, tell u some joke..
while we waiting for d pizza,
an incident happened.
David went to d washroom..cz he w8 til fell asleep =.=
n i was chitchating wif my dad..
sudenly, a loud sound 'Bong!'
i turned around to whr d sound frm..
a Wantan guy bang d glass door...
ouch, i noe it's pain..
I jz cant stop laughing n run to d washroom..
cz tat WANTAN lou make an stupid expression after he banged d door...
so 'terriblely' funnny u noe..XD
David saw me laugh like hell, keep ask me wat hapened..
when i told him wat hapen, he also jz keep laughing like mad...
although he din saw it...
n after tat...i jz try not to laugh at d poor WANTAN guy..
so....tong ku..=X
d feel is so not good if cant laugh when saw someting tat's funny...

i stil want to say..
their service is sooo... TERRIBLE!
d culturies is not clean.. (i cleaned it wif tissue b4 use, shud gv me tat ServiceTax..)
d mushroom soup horrible...(i can cooked nicer than tat =P)
d waiter gv us a Black Face...(he's not doin his job well..din take dis, din take tat...)
n no ice blocks for d drinks...(=.= dis is so weird. pepsi wif no ice? )

finally, we finished our pizzas...
only found tat...d deli wings stil not served yet O_O
they stil killing d chicken i guess?
so we canceled d stupid deli wings...

den my bro told me someting funny..
'we saved a chicken frm being killed...^O^'
O.O den >>> XD

can u imagine..
they trying to killed tat chicken.
one hold d chicken wings at each side.
chicken: lai ba..im prepared...*^*
d waiter: 刀下留鸡!!! they canceled deli wings!
chicken: phew... *fainted*

speechless... ==

p.s.: i tink is bcz tat place is stil new, system oso new, n d workers oso new..everyting stil new.. so they stil cant familirise themselves... cant blame them oso la...aikz...

p.s.s.: but stil i can feel d 种族歧视 frm them... thru d way they look at us...so disgusting...X.X


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