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sincerely J-er...,♥

Friday, December 11, 2009 ♥
Tagged by ZhiYin ♥ 9:10 PM

- You -
First Name : Chia
Nickname : cha shao bao, jiajia, small house, banana, biggy...erm...cant rmb ady..@@
Name you wish you had : hehe..nonid la^^ my name is special...
What do people normally mistake your name for : im not Chua! im Chia, kay?
Birthday : d most special day of March..23rd^^
Birthplace : in a hospital in Klang...
Time of Birth : har? err...i oli noe is in d morning..=D
Single or taken : Not Available
Zodiac sign : Aries

- Your Appearance -
How tall are you : 168cm..counted tall?
Wish you were taller : still wan taller? noway...l8r no ppl wan me ar..@@
Eye colour : Black..but got ppl say they're brown...
Eye colour you want : black wil b beter..haha
Natural Hair color : Black + bcm brown under sun...hehe
Current Hair color : stupiak ques...Black la..
Short or long hair : Short hair...(stil tinking wan short hair or long hair..gv some idea ya fren^^)
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : nope..
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : err...got ar~ i so ai mei po...XD
Glasses or contacts : Glasses...but i dun like it..cz i look older with specs...==
Do you wear make-up : nope...currently la..hehe
Ever had hair extensions : nope...for wat?
Paint your nails : yea~ haha..

- In the Opposite Gender -
What color eyes : sui bian la
What color hair : not too odd jiu ok le..
Shy or Outgoing : chamcham
Looks or personality : both
Sexy or Cute : both oso ok wor...
Serious or Fun : both oso must have!
Older or Younger than you : age is not a prob...(asalkan not marrying a 60 yr'o at age 30 or marrying a 25 kid at age 30 jiu ok le... )
A turn on : wat?
A turn off : wat ting is dis?

- This or That -
Flowers or Chocolates : arh..chocolate la of cz...^^
Pepsi or Coke : i wan tea..=)
Rap or Rock : not metal rock..
Relationship or One-night stand : relationship la...(omgosh..==)
School or Work : O.O
Love or Money : if no money..kove wil die..if no love..money oso no use..
Movies or Music : Music..^^ movies...depends la..
Country or City : when wan shoping ma city...wan relax den country lo..=)
Sunny or Rainy days : happy when Sunny day...feelings come up when rainy days...
Friends or Family : both~

- Have You Ever -
Lied : yeap
Stole something : stole ppl's heart counted?
Smoked : stay away from me...1000km plz!
Hurt someone close to you : i noe sure got...jz dunno who i did to...sorry if i ever did it to you =)
Broke someone's heart : dun like to break ppl's heart...it's awful..@@
Had your heart broken : couple of times...but recovering^^
Wondered what was wrong with you : yea..definitely...y m i so stupid to bilif tat stupiak?!
Wish you were a prince / princess : aww...im now a princess seh..got daddy, mommy, dear n gorgor tat so sayang me =)
Liked someone who was taken : no...
Shaved your head : siao ar?!
Been in love : meehehehehe...u say lea...see my bloggie oso noe la =X
Used chopsticks : oli to eat noodles..==
Sang in the mirror to yourself : i sing anywhr...in toilet, on bed, in d kitchen, anywhr in my house.. XD

- Favourites -
Flower : Sunflower..but dun gv flower as present for me...
Candy : ehm...okok la...
Song : wooz...no music no life la~
Scent : err...natural n relaxing d...lavender oso can..^^
Color : white, black, pink, red...purple okok..
Movie : Pirates of the Carribean...I love Johnny Deep
Singer : Leehom...but now i hv d 2nd Leehom lol...XD guess who..
Word : 屁啦...
Junk food : Chocolate...twistie...cookies...anyting wil chocolate..=)
Website : Facebook ^^ n my blog..haha
Location : Asian ::. Malaysia ::. Selangor ::. Klang ::. Batu Belah
Animal : err..i scare those wif more than 4 leggy...@@
Ever cried over someone : u say lea...==
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : yea..bcm fairer plz..n bcm cleverer..(dun oweys tortured by other ppl la...)
Do you think you're attractive : nope =)
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose : i wan to b myself...in fairytales no so many lengzai sayang me.. =X
Do you play any sports : Badminton..no more..im lazy la...haha

- The Rules -
Link to your taggers and post these rules.
List eight random facts about yourself and tag eight people.
Okay, here goes my "eight random facts"
1. I m jz SO SO SO Fed Up wif those PPL...(some1 noe who i meant..)
2. I m not tat tough like wat u tot kay...
3. I hate ppl who smokez...
4. I hate ppl who backstabbing me...(some1 oso noe who i meant..XD)
5. I wan exercise!!! motivate me plzzz...T.T fatfat liao arr..
6. I wan go Sunway Pyramid wif him in dis coming xmas...T.T
7. I wan to see him oftenly...
8. I wan all d bombs gone frm dis world!!!

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