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sincerely J-er...,♥

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 ♥
movie...gone agn T.T *pian lang eh...* ♥ 7:00 PM

since last saturday they keep saying wan go watch 2012 2012 2012...
den ok lo, fine...though im stil hving exam now..hehehe^^
can relax ma..

we planned to go movie today..
cz today jz finish my ADDMATHS paper ...a brain storming subject...
talk bout tat later..
ok...mom was planned to go buy tickets dis afternn,
right after my admth pp1..
cz after tat paper i stil hv 4 hrs break b4 d next paper...
good ar, can lepak in jj a while..hehehe^^
finally finish my stupiak paper 1, n felt damn tired ady...@@
but tot of can go jj kia kia...mood bcm beter^^ hehe...
den stupiak gonggong w8 at d pondok...
1100 ady..hvn come==
hate to w8 ppl so long la, omg...
finally, saw my mom's car...
oi? dad driving d??
mom inside too....
means = no more lepak today@@
fine lo...suan lo....
den i din even hd a chance to talk a word in car.
dad was talking on d phone start frm infron of sko, til d restaurant.
bah kut teh agn...== boh ho ciak wan...
when he finish his conversation,
"how can u two keep mumbling while i talking on d phone??? no manners..."
[[[[[[[ O.O / O.O ]]]]]]]]
d two face of two innocent lady in car...
we din talk even a word in car...
duwan argue wif him...
he sendiri ear spoil phone not clear, say we talking...==

after bah kut teh...dad say he gotta go do his tings, wan send mom go bac to office 1st...
den i go bac to sko...

mom told me tat we're goin to buy ticket after finish d next paper..whee~

sitting in d class, doin admths alone....

i jz cant w8 to finish my pp2 earlier..
cz d class is just so freaking hot,
i tink is every1 are brain storming...
brain works too hot ady...
produced too much of heat energy XD


'times up, please finish ur last calculating...'
yes! time to suffer finally comes to an end...#.#
n yes! so excited to go watch 2012 today...*.*

time passes....4.45pm...5.00...5.25pm...

yor...w8 for 1 hr dy...mommy said wil b l8 A BIT...
A BIT?? 1hr = a bit...


mom arrive ady...
d aircond is much more beter than d outside weather..weaw**
"dad said tonite mayb goin grandma's place diner..."


wat the....

im now sitting infron of laptop, n blurting out my bad bad mood now...==
no movie,
no gaigai,
no grandma's diner gathering..
wasted my time ==

adult...oweys pian lang eh...><


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